Hướng dẫn sinh CSR trên mail excahnge 2013 / 2016

B1. Login Exchange Server and open EAC – Exchange Administration Center
B2. In the left column Click on Servers
B3. At the top-right Click on Certificates

B4. Click +to add new certificate and new exchange certificate will start here

b5. Choose Create a request for a certificate from a certification authority
(Note: Do not use self-signed certificate option. Self-signed certificates are not trusted.)

B6. In the friendly name field, enter exchange2013ssl then click Next

B7. Do not action in this step, just click Next button

B8. Choose server where you want to store certificate request on

B9. Select an Access type (such as Outlook Web App or OWA), click Edit (pencil icon), enter the domain name that clients will use to connect to it, and then click OK. If necessary, repeat the process to secure additional services, and then click Next.

B.10 Select and/or add the SAN domains that outlook clients use Exchange server, and then click Next. (Warning! Do not add a netBios name, IP address, and .local domain names. Read more about local domain name depreciation from the CA / B forum)


Add organization information and click next
Organization name: Your Company name
Department name: Server Support
Country/Region name: Select country name
City/Locality: Valid name of the city where your company is registered
State/Province: Valid name of the State where your company is registered

B.12 Add the path where you want to save this certificate request file.

Your CSR is generated, now copy and paste generated CSR code into the text editor like notepad that you need to submit during SSL enrollment process. After getting your certificate through the email, you should complete SSL installation process on Exchange Server 2013 / 2016.